For over ten years I've served in the Army National Guard as a member of Battalion Special Staff, first as an enlisted service member, being promoted to a Non-Commissioned Officer, and now as an Officer.

In this role I have developed and conducted a range of organizational training events and have been trained in the military's practice of course development and instructional design. Through these roles I have become adept at project management, creating and executing training materials, and presenting to adult learners in a variety of spheres.     

About me


For almost a decade I have worked to advance digital and information literacy in graduate and undergraduate students through my role in various academic libraries. Throughout this time I've supervised and managed teams of student workers, training them, assigning projects, and developing performance support tools to aid them in their tasks.


My passion is for a well-educated populace that can discern good information from bad and who is capable of synthesizing and presenting that information with skill. To this end I have also served as a writing tutor, training students in how to conduct research, assess sources, brainstorm and outline a paper, create a logic flow to their essay with clear transitions, and to never forget to provide an application for what they've studied.

If that process sounds familiar, it's because that's almost the same process we use when doing instructional design. We do research (to discern your need and how best to address it), consult with sources (your Subject Matter Experts), brainstorm and outline potential solutions, design a flow to a course that will make sense with clear connections between the material, and provide an engaging application in the form of assessments that integrate what our learners have learned into their everyday lives.

I have two great expertise, research/writing and instructional design. In truth, these are one expertise. Both are simply the art of discerning how best to convey content to a given audience. 


As a life-long learner I am continually pursuing professional development and seeking to hone my knowledge and my craft.

I began with a Bachelor of Arts in History and went on to gain a Master of Arts where I wrote a thesis exploring the effects of technology and social media on self-identity and empathy development. It was after this that I realized my true passion is finding the most creative, engaging, and effective ways of designing instruction, at which point I began a Master of Education in Learning Design & Technology.

Once I find the time I plan to pursue a Doctor of Education in Learning Design & Technology.


I love reading, painting, hiking, whitewater rafting (I'm also a certified raft guide), and playing video games (primarily RPGs, puzzle games, and simulation). I particularly enjoy studying insights on how to implement video game elements into learning to maximize learner engagement and retention.